JEA Fleet Using GPS to Track Electric Utility Vehicles

408jeacrashGPS tracking technology is now being used by JEA, the eighth largest community-owned electric utility in America, on the city owned utility fleet to keep tabs on employees. The trackers are supposed to help catch employees who may be acting inappropriately, and to put a stop to possible thefts going on. Results from the trial GPS tracking programs in about 100 of the electric and water utility’s vehicles will help determine if the program should be extended to include about 1,000 company vehicles.

JEA has been under public scrutiny after a recent TV news report and an arrest profiling their delinquent employees. First Coast News followed JEA trucks and reported that some workers who were clocked in were not doing their jobs. Also, after about $135,00 worth of copper wire and lead had disappeared, police arrested a woman who had never been employed by JEA but apparently still had insider access.

“We’re now looking at full-blown GPS a bit heavier,” commented Larry Pinkstaff, JEA’s director of transmission and distribution maintenance.

JEA has considered using GPS tracking before, but now they are finally using the devices, because the cost of the technology has become so much affordable. Currently, the estimated cost for each vehicle is about $18-$25 per month. This is just yet another scenario where GPS tracking technology is being utilized to make workplaces safer for everyone and to help ensure employee productivity.

(Via News Jacksonville)

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