MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder Review

Looking at the MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder, it’s not something that I would think is a hidden camera. It literally looks just like a regular MP3 player. When I first saw it in our office, I really thought that it was a regular music player that belonged to one of my coworkers, especially since he had headphones plugged into it and music blasting.

After he told me that it was our newest hidden camera, I was shocked. Upon closer examination, I was surprised to see a tiny pinhole on the front of the player that was actually the hidden camera’s lens.

My mind filled with ideas of how I could possible use such an awesome camera.  I thought about how you could use this camera to capture footage when you go out on the town or on vacation, or just to record your day. It could also be used for professional use by a journalist or private investigator, as this tiny body worn camera will never attract any unwanted attention.


What’s in the Box

Inside the box comes the MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder itself, a pair of headphones, a micro SD card, a short instructional manual, and an installation CD for your computer.

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This camera is designed to look just like a regular MP3 player that you would easily find other people using in the streets, except for a few small details. The main difference is that this version has a tiny hole on the front of the unit, which contains the camera lens. When I say the hole is tiny, it’s seriously tiny. This is not a detail you would notice unless you were seriously examining the MP3 player. The side of the device has a headphone jack like a normal MP3 player, but also a micro SD card slot and microphone jack.

The device measures in at 1.6″ x 1.1″ x .4″ and weights .634 ounces, which makes it super portable to capture those spur-of-the-moment events when you need to.


Since this camera has a built-in DVR, the first thing I did before attempting to record was put in the micro SD card. There was no chart of how to put in the SD card, but after trying it one of two possible ways, I inserted the card the right way (face up, with the metallic strips facing the floor and towards the inside). The next step was to plug in the included USB cable into the camera and into the computer to charge.

While it was charging, a folder popped up on my computer screen that contained three folders inside it. The first was the AUDIO folder, which is where you load music onto your device. The second was the IMAGE folder, which will hold photos, and the last was the VIDEO folder, which will hold the recorded videos. Before recording, the only one I had to use was the AUDIO folder. All I did was copy and paste a few songs into there to see if it would play from the MP3 Player.

After I did record some footage and photos on the device, getting to them was as simple as plugging in the camera using the included cable and your computer’s USB port and opening those folders. All the files were there, and easily open when I click on them.

Using the Camera

Using the camera for the first time is a bit confusing before I referred to the manual. But after I had read the manual and started to use the device, I quickly learned to use MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder within 2-3 minutes of playing with it. Once I knew what I was doing, using this MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder became very simple, and didn’t require referring to the manual again.

To turn on the device, all I did was press and hold the play button for few seconds and wait for the orange light to turn on. From here, I can play the music by pressing play, and control it like a normal MP3 player; skip to the next song, go back, turn the volume up or down, etc.  The sound quality was not spectacular, but it’s enough for me to jam out to my favorite songs without complaint.

When I pressed and held the + volume button, the light turned blue and started blinking, which meant that the device was in fact recording video. And when I pressed and held the “- volume” button for a few second, the light turned blue for a  moment while it snapped a picture and turned back to orange immediately after. To power off the device, I simply pressed and held the play button again until all the lights turned off. Overall, it’s very easy and simple to use.

When using the camera, I wasn’t sure where to keep it so that it gets a clear view of everything that I tried to record, as it would not be practical to walk around holding the MP3 Player in front of me. I found that when wearing a button up, the camera easily clips onto the shirt pocket and records well from there. It also works great when you clip it on the your jacket or coat.

However, trying to put it anywhere on your lower body or on your belt would not work, as it would record too low, and you would hardly get any useful footage. So remember, for the best results, try to clip the camera somewhere on your upper body if you’re trying to capture conversations or interactions.

Video Quality

Looking at the recorded footage, I was surprised at how clear it was considering how small the lens is. The video quality was clear and the colors looked good, especially when compared to some camera phones, which use a much larger and more obvious lens.

Audio Quality

The audio quality wasn’t ideal because it captures a lot of background noise. But it does capture audio and you can get the gist of the conversations being held.

Photo Quality

The photos taken were also of very good quality, especially considering how small the lens is. The images taken were in JPEG 640 X 480 format, and came out looking much better than pictures taken with most camera phones, which use a lens that’s about ten times bigger.

Battery Life

The battery life on this product is good, as it takes two hours to charge and will last for about eight hours of continuous use, letting you listen to music on the go, and still have enough power to record when needed.

The Good:

  • Useful for many different applications from extreme sports to covert surveillance.
  • Doesn’t draw any suspicion, since it looks like a regular MP3 player.
  • Fantastic resolution for clear viewing.
  • Overall easy-to-use.

The Bad:

  • The audio isn’t the greatest but you can hear what’s going on.
  • Figuring out how to insert the micro SD card is tricky because there’s no diagram to show you what’s right. But since there are only a few ways to do it, it was not hard to figure out.
  • The device uses a smaller headphone jack than most standard MP3 players so it’s not interchangeable with your ordinary headphones.


After messing around with the MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder for a bit, I figured out that it is much easier to use then I imagined, and puts that tiny hidden lens to work by taking pretty good photos and video footage. Being made to look and work like a regular MP3 player, there is no reason that someone should suspect anything is out of the ordinary, which makes it extraordinarily covert.

One of the best things about this device is that you can use it to just listen to music, and snap photos or video of unanticipated events as they happen; meaning it’s great for those moment that you wish you had a camera. It also has a clip on the back of the device so that you can attach it to your shirt, jacket, or armband, and record everything hands free.



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