Houston's Restaurant Employees Fired for Belonging to a MySpace Group

houstonsA young couple in Hackensack, New Jersey was fired from the Houston’s restaurant chain after it was discovered that they had created a private MySpace page for employees to bash the restaurant on. Doreen Marino and her boyfriend Brian Pietrylo, were fired after a manager was given a password to the website and claimed that they had violated Houston’s “core values of professionalism and a positive mental attitude.”

Although she felt her chances were slim at combating the restaurant chain’s team of lawyers, she decided to take a stand anyway.

“I believed that what they did was wrong,” said Marino “I felt to the core of me that something needs to be done about it.”

What she didn’t know was that she was really taking a stand for workers all around the country and had influenced legislature concerning cyber privacy in the workplace. Marino took her case before a jury in federal court. The verdict was that Houston’s managers had entered the MySpace site “without authorization” and had acted “maliciously.”

This recent decision is a literal David vs. Goliath in the technological world. The verdict from this case will undoubtedly affect all other cases with similar circumstances. Marino has said “I’ll say to anyone, that one person can make a difference.”

(Via ABC News)

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