NYC Terror Plot Suspect Naiz Khan Under 24 Hour FBI Surveillance


Naiz Khan, a Manhattan coffee cart operator currently under 24 hour FBI surveillance

Naiz Khan, a coffee cart operator in Manhattan, is currently under 24 hour surveillance after the FBI was able to possibly tie him to another terrorist named Najibullah Zazi. Zazi was at the center of an alleged bombing plot. Khan let Zazi stay at his home on the night of September 10th and he was also in Pakistan with Zazi at the same time. When police raided Khan’s apartment they found several suspicious black book bags and a small scale which they believed could be used to measure bomb ingredients.

“It was just by chance that [Zazi] came to our house” that night, Khan told ABC News.

Khan was very quick to refute allegations of being connected with Al Queda or any other terrorist plot. He stated that Zazi was a childhood friend who just happened to be in New York dealing with a permit issue on his coffee truck. After meeting at the local Mosque, Khan says that Zazi asked to spend one night in Khan’s apartment. Kahn stated that Zazi was already asleep when he got home and was still asleep when he woke up to go to work. He described the backpacks as a gift given to him by his uncle who acquired the bags through legitimate means. He also said that he planned to bring the bags to his family in Pakistan.

When asked about the scale found in his house, Khan stated he did not recognize the device and did not know where it came from. It should be noted that Khan has five other roommates.

Kahn declares that he will continue to cooperate with the FBI in every way possible. “If they need me, I’m here…to cooperate 100 percent If I have something, I will tell them.” Although it is reassuring to hear that Khan said that he will work with the FBI, we can rest easier knowing that he won’t likely being trying anything with the cameras watching his every move.

(Via ABC News)

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