Which Airport Security Line is Right for You?

Seeing as the current method of airport security screening is effective at the price of being a time-consuming hassle for travelers, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is looking into a way to modernize the security checkpoint. But how can they speed up this screening process while simultaneously ensuring its effectiveness? The IATA will attempt to screen people as individuals as opposed to just random travelers; meaning, it matters more who they are as opposed to what they are carrying or whether or not they take off their shoes.

This new method of screening will break up travelers into three groups: “Known Traveler,” “Normal,” or “Enhanced Security,” determined through registration with, and background checks by the government. Once placed into one of these groups, travelers will have a biometric chip placed in their passport, which will identify them and send them to the correct line the moment they arrive in the airport.

From these three classes of people, each will have a different screening line, which will range from a quick and effortless check (allowing certain travelers to walk through with their carry-on baggage), all the way to an in-depth screening which checks travelers for metals, liquids, explosives, and a body scan.

“Today’s checkpoint was designed four decades ago to stop hijackers carrying metal weapons. … It is time to rethink everything… That means moving from a system that looks for bad objects to one that can find bad people,” Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s director general and CEO, said at the World Air Transport Summit in Singapore.

IATA says that 19 other governments are working on updating and standarizing their security checkpoints, including the United States. The group estimates that this new system will soon become a reality and that travelers might start seeing these new scanners in as little as five to seven years.

Watch the included video for a demo of this new screening process.

(Story and image via CNN Travel & Engadget)

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