New Virus Targets File-Share Websites, Demands Ransom

virusA new virus sweeping through Japan and Europe is targeting file-share websites  and popular downloads before holding users at ransom for money before publicly sharing their web browsing results. This Japanese based trojan has targeted a popular file-share service called Winni, and in particular the people downloading a particular type of anime.

The virus disguises itself as the game’s installation screen and requests the user’s personal details. Once you hand the details over, the virus grabs screenshots of your web history and demands a ransom of 1500 yen ($15 USD) only after it publicly posts your name and web history online. Also seen in Europe, the virus pops up as a ICPP copyright foundation pop-up and demands $400 USD payable by credit card. Once you divulge your credit card information, the gang-run operation then sells your credit card information rather than withdrawing any money themselves.

“If you find you are getting pop-ups demanding payments to settle copyright infringement lawsuits, ignore them and use a free online anti-malware scanner immediately to check for malware,” said Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, the security company monitoring the virus. “And if there’s online content that you want to get hold of, get it from a reputable website – if that means paying that’s what you have to do.”

My advice? Be careful what you download.

(Via BBC)


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