Despite Infidelities, Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy to Wed

57590766Football star, Michael Strahan and ex-wife of actor Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphy are said to be engaged. The news of the two possibly tying the knot is shocking to some as they were both recently in the news when Strahan purchased and tracked Murphy with a covert GPS system under suspicions of infidelity.

The GPS system was installed after Strahan had heard that, his then girlfriend, Murphy was cheating on him with Universal Records exec Demetrius Spencer. The GPS system allowed Strahan to track Murphy’s whereabouts and let him have an inside look at her day to day life. Murphy, who grew suspicious when Strahan new her every move, got the car checked out and discovered the hidden GPS and had it removed.

It seems now that the two have moved past their differences and have fallen in love with each other again.

Strahan is quoted as saying “I have a great relationship and she’s a great girl, I don’t like to talk much about my private life, but I’m really happy.”

The couple is not sharing much about their future plans. However one thing is for certain, they do not plan to have any further children. Strahan is already the father of four and Murphy is a mother of 5.

The two seem to be a match made in Hollywood heaven. With Strahan having a new show coming out entitled “Brothers,” things couldn’t seem to get any better. It’s good to see that despite the infidelity issues and failed marriage attempts, neither Strahan nor Murphy have given up on love. Hopefully there will be no further need to use GPS tracking systems for suspicion of infidelities after their marriage, but rather just for safety purposes.

(Via Daily News)

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