New Subway Cars to be Equipped with Surveillance Cameras

With so much crime taking place in the subway system at night, the subway itself provides criminals a great way to escape the scene of a crime. To combat this, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) decided to install high tech security cameras on board certain trains.

Since it would probably be counter productive to install new technology onto old subway cars that may soon be obsolete, the MTA decided that it would be cheaper to replace the old cars with completely new cars equipped with cameras.  The next line of trains to get the car swap will be on New York’s A line and will cost about $750 million to bring in 340 new subway cars.

The camera feeds won’t be monitored in real-time since they would require to many guards to monitor them,  however, once a crime is reported the surveillance footage will be passed along to law enforcement professionals for investigation.

As of right now, surveillance technology has already been installed as a pilot program in several trains on the E line and the A line should be complete by 2015. MTA officials will decide in about six months whether all future subway cars will have built-in camera technology.

(Via NY1)

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