NYC Taxi Crashes BrickHouse Party

After a recent rash of out-of-control cab accidents here in New York City; one of them finally hit close to home — literally.

Overnight Thursday, two cabs fighting for a fare caused one reckless driver to go careening off the road, jumping the curb and taking out scaffolding before ramming into the side of the building at 990 6th Avenue, just feet away from a large bank of pane glass windows. Normally, a story like this would be left to the local news, but we here at BrickHouse Security, 980 6th Avenue, have a vested interest in the building in question.

Thankfully, nobody was injured save for the offending driver who was taken away with minor chest pains. This accident comes on the heels of a much more gruesome taxi crash this week that severed a woman’s foot.

This just goes to show you: BrickHouse Security can protect you and your family from a number of things. Unfortunately, a rogue taxi isn’t one of them.

The accident’s aftermath this morning:

taxi into building

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