How to Protect Your Office and Prevent Office Theft

office-theftBeing in a busy office can make it hard to keep track of all your property. Besides the standard borrowing of pens and office supplies, some offices have experienced theft of personal property or information, and when it happens, it can be devastating. Whether your office already has a theft problem, or you’re looking to prevent theft from happening in the first place, there are a few simple steps you can take to increase your office security.

If you’re not ready to buy professional grade surveillance system, there are lots of ways to deter would-be thieves. One such way would be removing valuables from your office environment. That means, don’t leave your wallet on your desk while you go to lunch! If your office stores valuables, one way to deter office thieves would be mounting a dummy camera that makes people think you’re recording. Even if you’re not ready to upgrade to a real security system, dummy cameras can make a decoy and give just enough deterrence to prevent office thief.

If your security needs call for an all out office security intervention, there are a few simple steps you can take to upgrade your office security. The first step is to control and monitor who has access to your office. Having a strong door lock on your door is the first line of defense when protecting your property. But regular door locks have downsides. The first is that in a normal office environment, you can’t keep the door locked all the time. The second downside is that key holders can lose their keys, or make copies that will give almost anyone access to the office. And the third is the problem of “bumping,” which makes it easy to break into homes or offices that do not have higher tech bump-proof locks. A solution to this access control problem is a Fingerprint Door Lock. These door locks provide or deny entry based on your fingerprint. You can control exactly who has access to certain rooms. Many of these locks also allow you to control the times of day certain people are allowed into certain rooms. For example, you may only want to give your housekeeper access from 7-8 pm Monday through Friday.

One of the other most common ways to protect your office is with a surveillance system. There are a multitude of surveillance systems to choose from: ranging from wired, to wireless, to covert, etc. Many standard surveillance systems feature dome or bullet cameras to be placed throughout your office, and to be recorded onto a central DVR system. But if you have a smaller office, or if you’re looking for a more covert option, there are many covert hidden cameras to choose from that offer the same level of surveillance while maintaining their covert appearance. Hidden cameras like the Smoke Detector Camera and Clock Camera, mount onto the wall or sit on your desk to capture covert video. This is a great option if you already have an office thief and you’re hoping to catch them in the act.

Aside from catching thieves or protecting your office from vandals, you might want to keep a closer eye on your employees to ensure that they’re not wasting time. A keylogger or the brand new Stealth iBot Computer Spy offer ways to log everything happening on the computer – from websites visited, to words typed, complete with screen shots.

As information goes digital and offices employ more people, it’s important to take steps to protect your business and your employees. Creating an office environment where people feel confident leaving their bag out when stepping away from their desk is as important as protecting yourself from stolen office supplies. Taking these few simple steps to protect your office will help you prevent theft and loss and will give you evidence to turn to if something actually goes wrong.

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