Security Contractor Fired by BP for Taking Pictures of Dispersants Formula

After taking photos of how dispersants were being used in the Gulf, Adam Dillon, a security contractor for BP, was confined, interrogated, and fired. Now that he’s out, he sharing what he saw with the public.

“I took pictures of something and I brought it to the attention of the command structure and whatever I took pictures of, 12 hours later I was gone,”  said Adam Dillon.

According to Wikipedia, dispersants are non-surface active polymers or a surface-active substances that can be added to water to create clumping. In BP’s case, they are adding these dispersants to the ocean, hoping that the oil will clump and minimize damage. Dillon says that he saw equations of the use of dispersants and their effect on the oil in the gulf. After finding these equations to be disturbing, he brought his concerns to the attention of the higher up employees of BP, which was when he was promptly interrogated and fired:

“What this company is doing to this country right now is just wrong,” said Dillon.

He says that the company is not worried about cleaning up the oil as much as they are focused on making money. He quickly adds that there are a lot of hardworking people in BP that do want to clean up the spill, but there are also a lot of them that are just using the spill to make more money.

(Via Raw Story)

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