Ocean Water Still Not as Clean as it Seems

With Alabama’s beaches finally starting to look clean and oil-free, people are finally returning to  enjoy the water. But is the oil really gone and is the water safe to go back in? Alabama’s Channel Five News decided to test the water and the results were shocking.

With the water finally looking clean, people are assuming that it is safe to go back into the water. But after examining samples from Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Katrina Key and Dauphin Island in Alabama, it turns out that the water and sand are far from clean.

Bob Naman, an analytical chemist with nearly thirty years of experience, predicted that the contaminated water would consist of 5 parts per million of oil, making the water safe for swimming. But after testing all of the samples, he was shocked to find that some samples contained anywhere from 16 to 221 parts per million of oil. One of the samples was so bad, that it completely ruined his testing equipment.

With so many chemicals still remaining in what seems to be clean water, it is recommended to stay out of the ocean water in areas affected by the spill.

(Via WKRG)

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