Olympic Games Call for Serious Security Overhaul in Vancouver

olympicsThe upcoming Olympic games have called for a major security overhaul in the city of Vancouver.  One of these security measures is installing over 1,000 security cameras in the main area where the Olympics will be held. And even though the system doesn’t go 100% live until Monday morning, it has already caught one hapless drunk wandering around the Olympic stadiums. This has proved to some that these cameras will be successful in monitoring the Olympic games.

Aside from the 1,000 new security cameras that will be installed in Vancouver and Whistler directly around the Olympic venues, even more more cameras will be installed inside the venues such as BC Place stadium, Canada Hockey Place, and Robson Square celebration venue. Proponents of privacy have been nervous about the implementation of this multi million dollar security set-up and have sought assurances that the cameras will be removed soon after the athletes leave Vancouver.

The 1,000 video surveillance cameras is actually a low number compared to the thousands of surveillance cameras already in place keeping an eye on these Canadian citizens, which is by far the largest concentration of state-controlled cameras in any jurisdiction in Canada.

(Via Security Info Watch)

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