Oregon Woman Captures Burgularing Neighbor on Covert Security Camera

portA Beaverton, Oregon, woman who was victimized by a serial burglar was able to use an ingenious hidden camera to catch the perpetrator in the act. Celeste Labore took the step of setting up the camera after her most-prized possessions began vanishing into thin air, and she had no idea who was responsible.

“We put out money for bait. I knew whoever was coming in would, no problem, take the money,” Labore said.

Just three days after Labore set up the camera it was able to catch the burglar, who to her horror was her middle-aged neighbor Sergio Nabor-Tellez, 39, a man who lives just across the street.

Police believe that Nabor-Tellez was able to get inside Laboure’s apartment through the use of different keys. “I don’t know exactly where he accrued them. I don’t know if it was different places he lived, or that he found, or where exactly he got the keys,” Detective Paul Yazzolino said.

Labore was able to recover most of her belongings. Most importantly to her, Labore was returned the wedding rings inherited by her from her parents, who passed away just two short years ago. Despite her material recovery, Labore has forever lost a sense of security in her home.

“It’s unbelievably creepy.  Even in the middle of the day I don’t want to be here alone,” Labore said.

Nabor-Tellez has confessed to entering Labore’s apartment on four different occasions and has been charged with four counts of burgulary and two counts of theft.

Celeste’s actions were the right actions for someone to take in a home invasion situation. She attacked her situation head on and was able to entrap a threat to her neigborhood as a result. By using Brickhouse products such as the Network Connected 4 DVR Camera Kit or their Nightvision Surveillence Kits, anyone can protect their family and keep their property safe. Tackle the problem before its too late.

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  • wanda casavant

    Where to find???? my home is burglrise almost daily,police think it is my imagination.Starts about 9pm and last sometimes til 4 am..Police have been in my home many times..have ask to bring in Police dogs no..
    have see evedence of sleeping in attic.. Please tell me about the equipment… Thanks Wanda