Lucky Thief Wins Lottery After Stealing From Firefighters

screenshot_05In Oregon City, Oregon, a man was caught on a store camera celebrating a winning lottery ticket that he had just purchased. This same man had just come from robbing some firefighters.

The man walked past a park where some firefighters were training and stole a wallet and three cases of special equipment from them, before walking into a grocery store and buying $75 worth of lottery tickets. The suspect then won $45 off the lottery ticket and is seen on the store’s surveillance footage dancing in celebration. He then left and used one of the firefighters credit cards to purchase two skateboards and a hat. Between the stolen merchandise and the emergency equipment, the thief made off with about $1000 worth of items.

Local residents were not surprised by the theft seeing as how the park often has many people walking through it. The suspect of the crime still has not been caught but the police believe that they will find him soon.

(Via Fox 12 Oregon)

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  • lydialeavitt

    What!!! Who steals from firefighters?! That’s messed up!

  • lydialeavitt

    What!!! Who steals from firefighters?! That's messed up!