Vallejo May See its First Park Surveillance Cameras by July

vallejo-surveillance-camerasHoping to discourage crime, the city of Vallejo, California  intends on planting five surveillance cameras on light poles around its Vallejo City Park and more in other areas of town by July 1. This security project is part of a city wide endeavor to revamp the historic city landmark, although making the surveillance cameras a reality has been challenging because of budget constraints and logistics. The idea was conceptualized three years ago, but last fall the city crafted new legislation concerning surveillance camera use and the process was temporarily halted when questions of who would be monitoring the footage came into play.

“I think that [the cameras are] long overdue, and I’m just glad that it’s not too little, too late,” said Adrienne Waterman, a Vallejo school board member and co-chair of the City Park Playground Committee for the Vallejo Architectural Heritage Foundation.

There is about $20,000 allocated for this project, but the cost of the cameras may exceed their budget. Also, as of now no one has ascertained exactly who will be allowed access to the footage. “We just try to make sure that we get assurances that we’ll be able to monitor the cameras in the park,” said Thom Howard, the other co-chair.

Here is just another example of how security cameras can possibly help make communities safer by deterring criminal behavior and helping police investigate and find alleged criminals.

(Via the Times-Herald)

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