Pentagon's Robot Hummingbirds Flutter in from the Future

hummingbirddrone_01 The American government is working on creating a newer, smarter, and smaller robot drone. And their newest creation takes the shape of a hummingbird.  Designed to serve as a miniature spy, these drones will be approximately 10 grams in size, and will be able to fly forward at speeds up to 10 meters per second. They will also be able to hover in space and move in any direction, just like a real hummingbird. The next step in development is to add a tiny wireless camera so the drone can capture video surveillance. So far, this tiny drone cost around $2 million to develop and researchers say it should be ready by 2011.

The main purpose of the Hummingbird is to help out on various military missions ranging from search and rescue to aiding in the criminal investigations and reconnaissance.

(Via Gizmodo)

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