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Pizzeria Owners Robbed – Thieves Flee with Bag of Dough

After a busy day at work, two owners of a Staten Island pizzeria closed up shop and headed home for the night. Instead of their routine walk back, however, they were tailed by two robbers, held up, and forced to fork over a bag they were carrying.

Assuming that the bag contained the day’s profits, the robbers didn’t budge until they got the loot away from the owners, even shooting one of them in the leg to get it. Once they got the bag, the thieves fled the scene, where they were soon shocked to find what they’d stolen. The bag of dough that they robbed turned out to be just that: a bag of dough, as in the type that pizza is made of.

Seeing as they just committed a very serious crime for a bag of flour and water, one of the thieves, Salvatore LaRosa, decided the loot wasn’t worth the punishment. He soon went to the police and confessed his crime in the hope of getting a more relaxed sentence than if he had decided to go on the run. Unlike LaRosa, his accomplice is still on the run and hasn’t been caught yet.

Police are not quite sure where the missing thief will turn up next, but as for LaRosa, he is now facing criminal charges for robbery and was recently released on bail until his court date.

(Via CBS News) / (Image by Jeff Kubina, licensed under Creative Commons)

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  • Buscardbook

    you should get your story straight nobody confessed that they did anything

  • Buscardbook

    you should get your story straight nobody confessed that they did anything

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