Busted: Burglar Attempts to Rob Pizza Delivery Guy…In His Home

Devante Powell (Shreveport Police Department)

Devante Powell (Shreveport Police Department)

If you thought that robbing a delivery man that knows your address was a bad idea, then you thought right. Unfortunately, thief Devante Powers didn’t foresee this as a problem.

Powell, age 17, targeted the pizza delivery man that was delivering pizza to his friend’s home, which pretty much guaranteed that Powell would be located and arrested.

This staggeringly stupid arrest starts with a Papa John’s delivery driver that approached the Villa Marquis I Apartments on Jewella Drive in Shreveport, Louisiana. When the driver knocked on the apartment door, Powell opened the door armed with a toy gun and demanded that the driver hand him over the pizzas.

Noticing that it was a toy gun, the driver started to walk away, which prompted Powell to smash the toy gun over the driver’s head, grab the pizzas and run away. Suffering some minor  injuries, the delivery driver notified the police of the robbery, who later found Powell still in the same apartment complex.

Police arrested Powell on the charges of simple robbery and are still carrying out the investigation to find out if anyone else was involved in the robbery. Anyone with information on this ridiculous crime and arrest can call (318) 673-6955 or (318) 673-7373.

(Via Shreveport Times)

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