Plasma TV Thief Caught on Hidden Home Security Camera

thief_tv_dog360In Milford Connecticut, a neighbor’s surveillance camera has given the town’s police the hard evidence they need to convict a home invader. Resident Belinda Kowalsky has a home security surveillance camera set up to protect her home against thefts, and her intricate equipment was able to capture a burglary in progress at a neighbor’s home. Police say that the video shows a man parking and entering the home and then driving away a minute later in possession of a wide screen television. The thief apparently broke in through a back window, that one other local home was targeted, and that an alarm may have scared away the burglar. The vehicle seen in the video is a Volkswagen.

“All the break-ins appear to be similar,” Officer Jeffrey Nielsen said, “which was through the rear window, cut the screen, similar items were taken; jewelry and flat-screen TV’s.”

This is a great example of home surveillance equipment being successful at what it does. We’re pretty sure that when Belinda purchased the home serveillance set-up for her home, she intended it to use to protect her own home. But in the end, she was able to help out a neighbor as well just by having an outdoor home security camera installed on her property.(Via WFSB Eyewitness News 3)

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