‘Surveillance House’ Used to Catch Serial Burglar

After a series of break-ins in Hockley, Birmingham, UK that all seemed to be carried out by the same serial burglar, local authorities decided not to leave his arrest up to chance and to instead set a trap. We’re not sure exactly how the police knew that this trap would work or just how quickly it would catch the crook, but it sure did get the job done.

The trap utilized a borrowed apartment that was outfitted with hidden surveillance cameras in everything from furniture, to toys, to clocks, etc. And just as predicted, it wasn’t too long until the serial robber was on the scene looking for valuables to steal. In fact, it was only 7 hours after the police rigged the apartment with surveillance equipment that Bubba Ambala, the burglar in question, was on the scene breaking down the door.

“The technique is state-of-the-art… People will have seen the size of the cameras you can get nowadays – they are miniscule… We have got experts within the police who can hide them literally in anything, toy clocks, furniture and clothing to name a few. The quality of the footage is crystal clear and has resulted in many thieves being caught red-handed,” said Sargent Keen.

The officers were outside the apartment, watching Ambala through a live video feed as he was calmly walking around searching for valuables to steal. Officers let Ambala have his fun for about 7 minutes and then proceeded to raid the room and arrest him. As he was caught in the act and on tape, Ambala pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary and will now be facing some jail time.

As for the idea for this trap technique, it was originally thought up by the local police in order to catch drug dealers, gang members, and weapons traffickers by creating a fake hip-hop shop that would allow shady drug deals and weapons trades to go on in the backroom while police officers were recording the events and building their case.

(Story and image via Daily Mail)

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