Post Moscow Subway Bombing, Subways Around the World Step Up Security

subway_copsIn the wake of the Moscow subway bombing on March 29, 2010, subway police around the globe are stepping up their security and staying on high alert. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority brought in extra officers and even bomb-sniffing dogs to sweep the area’s 86 railway stations.

“When we opened the Metro system this morning, we did so with heightened security,” said acting Chief Jeri Lee of the Metro Transit Police. “We remain an open system, and we do what we can to be as secure as possible.”

In New York City, the police department stated that it also planned to increase coverage of the subway system as a precaution “in response to the Moscow bombings.” “That significantly bolstered police coverage at rush hour this morning,” said police spokesman Paul Browne.

In Boston and Philadelphia, transit officials stated that they were maintaining their regular security practices but peeling an eye for suspicious activity.

Commuter Carlos Rivera of Newark, New Jersey said, “Every day, I see the NYPD out here. I see the dogs. I can’t let it affect my life right now,” Mr. Rivera added. “I don’t think about terrorism. I only think about it when I hear about it. Other than that, it never enters my mind.”

(Via Washington Times)

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