President Obama Uses U.S. Cyber Challenge to Strengthen National Security

homeland-securityPresident Obama is currently reevaluating the country’s cyber security to protect both citizens and the government from harmful cyber attack.

One such exercise that is strengthening the nation’s cyber security is the “U.S. Cyber Challenge.” This multi player video game inspired challenge takes kids from age 17-21 who have above average computer skills or even hacking abilities and challenges them to a game called NetWars, where competitors play against each other in a game that tests their hacking skills.

Organizers say “the competition is aimed at identifying young people with exceptional computer skills and inspiring them to join the country’s woefully understaffed ranks of cyber security specialists needed to protect systems used by the military, industry and everyday people.”

While President Obama attempts to ameliorate this system, there are a few basic precautions you can take to better protect yourself from a cyber security breach. One such thing would be putting a credit freeze on your account if you suspect suspicious activity. This makes you Social Security number less susceptible to online theft. Another way to protect yourself would be to continually change your passwords  and create secure passwords when using online accounts. Besides these tips, basic common sense comes into play when entering sensitive banking or personal data and monitoring what exactly happens to this information after its submitted.

(Via the Examiner)

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