Facebook Tries to Combat Malicious Viral Apps with New Privacy Settings

facebook-appsAs the largest social networking website in the world, Facebook gets bombarded with new applications on a daily basis, and trying to manage each and every one of them is extremely hard. The sheer volume of applications is one of the main reasons why Facebook is constantly under scrutiny for security.

What’s even more frustrating for both Facebook and its users, is that Facebook had no security features in place that forced these applications to alert users how much information they were actually gathering. It was found that many of these applications were actually gathering information from users profiles, photos, and network of friends for advertising purposing without alerting the user.

After widespread backlash about these lack of security features, Facebook decided it was time to add a new privacy feature to its platform. This newly introduced privacy feature shows users exactly what parts of their profile will be available to marketers, and let the user decide if they want to grant access to this application or not.

Hopefully this new feature will prevent applications from misusing private information and photos for their own benefit, and will let users choose exactly what information they want to share with the marketers, hackers, and the rest of the world.

(Via SF Gate)

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