Protect Your Computer From Prying Eyes With Oculis Cutting Edge Technology

screenshot_01The panic cannot go unnoticed.  This is the worst kind.  There are countless different types of panic you experience throughout the day.  Panic because you forgot something.  Panic because you did something wrong.  Panic because of confusion.  Panic because of ignorance.  But this panic is unlike any other.  It slowly makes its way through the pores in your skin and infiltrates your blood stream making sure that it affects every single cell in your body.  You freeze, knowing that something is wrong.  Knowing that you are not safe. Knowing that someone is watching.

Now, depending on who is experiencing this panic there are different solutions.

If you are in a covert government agency, more secretive than the CIA, then you would want the high end, cutting edge, slightly pricey solution, called the Chamelon ($10,000) made by Oculis Labs. This software prevents anyone around you from seeing the same screen that you are viewing.  For example, right now, at this very second, if someone were behind you and tried to read what was on your screen they would only see a bunch of constantly changing jumbled text.  This software works by learning the unique way that a user’s eye jumps around while reading, called their “gaze pattern”, and calibrates the text on screen to match, so that only you will be able to successfully read the screen.

However, if you are an average Joe who just wants some privacy on his own computer, then the solution called Private Eye ($20), also made by Oculis Labs, should be just fine.  By using a webcam to keep track of your eyes, the screen will automatically blur when you turn away from the computer so that you can have a conversation and still keep your secret obsession for playing World of Warcraft at work a secret. The webcam can also detect someone who is looking at your computer.  A thumbnail size window will automatically pop up on the screen and you will be able to see whoever is behind you.

“The look of confusion, to shock, and then embarrassment on the faces of the evesdroppers is quite amusing”, said Bill Anderson, CEO Oculis Labs.

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