The Next Generation of Radar Speed Traps Is Almost Here

Despite roads and highways laden with radar speed traps and traffic light cameras, most drivers are still able to get away with speeding without getting ticketed. Drivers that take the same routes frequently become familiar with areas where speed traps are located and easily know where they can and can not speed. This trend might soon come to an end, however, as the next generation of radar speed trap cameras will be much more efficient, being able to quickly and efficiently track up to 32 vehicles across four lanes. And not only do they instantly track the speed and license plate of a vehicle, these cameras will also be able to instantly determine when an unauthorized vehicle drives in the bus-only or taxi-only lane and quickly issue a ticket. Thanks to the improved efficiency and accuracy of these new cameras, we can predict that they will soon replace many traffic police officers and highway patrolman, and will soon be monitoring our driving behavior on most major streets. It is reported that these new cameras will be arriving in North America in early 2012, and when they

do, drivers have to be extra careful to ensure that they are driving at a safe speed and in a safe manner, or suffer the consequences. To view a clip of these cameras in action, click here. (Via Gizmodo) / (Image by amandabhslater licensed under Creative Commons)

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