New Technology to Replace Human Watchmen?

rapid-photoprintApplied Research Associates just released a new technology system that can potentially replace human watchmen or guard. This system is called RAPID, which stands for Remote Automated Portable Intrusion Detection system. It uses a combination of radar, video and thermal imaging cameras to monitor for intruders and wirelessly communicates with it’s operator or home base.

“When an intrusion occurs, the alarm goes off, the camera takes a snapshot of where the intrusion occurred and then it brings up live video and a thermal image. It also allows the operator to tilt up and down or pan in an investigative window,” Andre Shipp, a principal engineer with Applied Research Associates, Inc. says.

Another great thing about this system is that it can easily be moved around like towed from a car and can be set up in about 30 minutes. It’s also very easy to use as it requires no more then five minutes of training and basically sets itself up.

“Basically you start the system and it automatically loads and configures itself,” said Shipp.

This technology’s practical applications can conceivably replace and do a better job than a real life human watchman. Why? Because it doesn’t need to take breaks, eat, or sleep. But what about powering it? What if the power gets cut or the battery dies, you ask?
Well it doesn’t run on AC power, but instead uses solar panels to harvest the sun’s ray to power itself. And in the case that there’s no sun for a few days it even has a built-in battery that can generate the power to keep itself running.

With a system that’s as easy to use as this one, and can easily be moved around, it might just replace security watchmen on military bases and airports soon. The Federal government is also exploring the possibility of setting up these kinds of machines at the U.S./Mexico border as this will be more effective then having a person try to monitor multiple cameras at once. It will also save money in the long run since it is solar powered and doesn’t need to get paid like a regular security watchman.

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