Video Surveillance Leads to Raymond Clark Arrest for Murder of Yale Student

alg_raymond_clark_arrestA lab technician named Raymond Clark has been arrested for the murder of Annie Lee, the Yale student recently found murdered. Lee was a graduate student at Yale university, with her wedding just a few days away, when she was found strangled to death behind a basement wall in a Yale lab this past Sunday.

Raymond Clark was arrested at a motel he was staying at after police were able to secure an arrest warrant based on several sources of evidence.

New Haven Police Chief James Lewis stated “Based on numerous interviews, forensic evidence, and information learned from viewing video surveillance, detectives have secured the arrest warrant for Clark.”

According the police report Lee was not sexually assaulted, police said her strangulation was a case of workplace violence. Police would not say what may have triggered Clark’s attack.

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Yale Student, Annie Lee

The police were able to put Clark in the lab at the same time as Lee using the Yale swipe card system which showed both Lee and Clark were in the lab but that Lee never came out. Along with DNA taken from clark and scratch marks on his chest the police had gathered enough evidence to directly connect Clark to the murder. Recently one of Clarks old high school sweet hearts stated that Clark once forced her to have sex with him. “I feel like I’m 16 all over again, it’s just bringing back everything.”

Clark’s neighbors were alarmed after hearing of his arrest.”He always seemed too quiet, other than that, he seemed like a very good guy. He didn’t strike me as he was gonna kill somebody. I’m still in shock.”

Many people are relieved to have finally found the person responsible for this tragic crime. We hope that this will help bring some piece of mind to the victims family and her fiance.

(Via Daily News)

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