Real-Time GPS Package Tracking Helps Companies Compete with Big Boys

For a number of years, Grant Opperman’s small delivery company D.W. Morgan was struggling to compete with the leaders in their industry.

Industry giants like FedEx and UPS were able to use tracking technology to find packages within mere minutes of arrival, while Opperman’s tiny 90-man firm’s main tracking tool was the memories of its 30 drivers, who were required to call their boss when their shipment arrived. When drivers committed simple human errors such as forgetting to call Opperman and their managers, it put D.W. Morgan behind and left them at the mercy of their clients, to the point that the company sometimes could not even tell clients where their packages were located.boxes

As Opperman made the decision for D.W. Morgan to go towards international expansion, he realized his company could not survive in a tougher market with a good tracking system. Although Opperman could not afford the top-notch systems that top competitors like UPS had, he took the step of buying the cheapest iPhone ($200) for each driver, paid $300 for a developer’s license from Apple, and had one of his in-house tech specialists build a custom application using the iPhone’s GPS system.

With the new system, D.W. Morgan’s clients can now track shipments online in real time. The custom application shows the precise location of each truck on a Google map, drivers ask package recipients to sign their iPhone screens, and signatures are immediately uploaded to the company Web site.

“Even the big guys don’t get it that fast,” says Opperman proudly.

Thanks to the custom application and other visionary ideas, D.W. Morgan is becoming a more efficient company. Opperman estimates that he invested $21,000 to update his companies tracking technology, but has used that investment to save an estimated $96,000 a year, for a profit of $75,000 dollars. The estimate of $96,000 by Opperman is based on the number of hours his drivers spent filing, receiving signature documentation, and making mutual data entries. This system is allowing D.W. Morgan to expand to the Czech Republic and Thailand by the end of this year.

By taking advantage of today’s growing GPS Tracking technology and companies and corporations ability to use it to better themselves, Grant Opperman has made D.W. Morgan into a more powerful and influential company. Here at BrickHouse Security, we offer GPS solutions for companies that are in a similar place to D.W. Morgan which will allow them to compete with the big boys. GPS Trackers like the Spark Nano and LiveWire NavGenius Gps Tracker & Navigation System allow companies to have real-time observation over their mobile assets and constant updates through mapping. With a simple upgrade, companies can level the playing field.

(Via CNN Money)

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