ReputationShare: Protect Yourself on Social Networks

facebook_friend_request_mousepad-p144010955312122238trak_400Oh look, a friend requ–who in the heck is this? Zero mutual friends? Buenos Aires, Argentina? How did he find me?! If you’re wondering whether to accept that random guy from Argentina that just friended you on Facebook, maybe you should look into ReputationShare: the “first universal reputation service for users of online social environments and e-commerce sites.”

With ReputationShare, a person that just registered for an online dating site, for example, can be profiled in order to discover whether he or she has a history of spreading abuse online.

It also allows users to learn more about potential online contacts, giving them them background information that can help them decide whether to build an online relationship with a certain user or not.

An Indiana couple that was recently robbed by a facebook friend could have made use of ReputationShare before accepting a request from an old acquaintance.

“Frankly, ReputationShare has the potential to change the entire Internet.” says David Perry, video game industry veteran. “What’s key here is the ability to respond before problems start, and also to immediately recognize and respect visitors that travel with great reputations.”

Not only does it protect users from potential harm, it reduces each websites’ cost of vigilance, moderation, and administration as they battle for the title for best practice in moderating online behavior.

So before you accept Adelmo the Argentinian into your inner circle of 500 friends and counting, maybe you should glance at his file via ReputationShare.


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