A Real Day South African Robin Hood, Stealing From The Rich

cash South African police are baffled by a “Robin Hood” style thief who robbed a mansion and redistributed the money he stole to the servants that work there. The thief first broke into the home and took a few articles of clothing. Then about two weeks later, he returned wearing those articles of clothing, and stole some expensive jewelry worth 50,000 rand (equivalent to about $6,320) and a firearm from the safe. What makes this thief’s break ins so unique is that he walks in calmly without hiding his face, directed the servants to tie themselves up, and made another one the residents show him around the home at gunpoint. This thief made sure that the servants would be protected from punishment when the homeowner found on that he or she was robbed. As “Robin Hood” was leaving, he asked the servants if they needed any money.

Police are investigating the crime as an inside job, for they suspect that the money given to the servants might have been a form of payment, or if it really is just a true-life Robin Hood. Either way, this is something they have never seen before.

“What kind of robber returns to the same house wearing clothes he stole there earlier – steals again without even covering his face and then gives away money in the end?… He was poised during the robbery, calmly walking into every room of the mansion. He was comfortable and un-agitated, unlike uncharacteristic of robbers in similar situations.” police spokesperson Captain Andre Venter told the BBC.

The modern day Robin Hood is still at large.

(Via BBC)

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