Thieving Don Juan Targets Online Daters

onlinedatingA 34-year-old woman’s date with an online suitor turned tragically sour when a local officer decided to run her date’s license plates during a routine traffic stop. Apparently, her date not only took the women out in a stolen car, but he was also wanted in conjunction with a string of robberies across the U.S. Talk about a great first impression.

The thieving Don Juan meets women through the online dating site, takes them out, then robs them blind.

“He has ties to Florida, Kansas and Oklahoma,” Sargent Martinez of the Orem, Utah Police said. “We don’t know how long he’s been up to this stuff or how many potential victims we have.”

The contraband and the car were seized and traced to a woman in Idaho. As if dating wasn’t hard enough, online daters now need to look out for someone like this guy. The 33-year-old thief will probably be extradited to Idaho where he will face robbery charges.

(Via Deseret News)

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