Safe Shopping Tip: Avoid Credit Card Theft With The SmartSwipe

25_1544_20090804144839_credit-card-readerFor some, online shopping is the perfect way to indulge a passion without ever stepping foot into a store. Avoiding hawk-like sales clerks, being able to see all of your choices on a 20″ widescreen, no lines, and being able to take as much time as you want to obsess about what you may or may not need are all the benefits of shopping online. The other fringe benefits include stolen identities, credit card theft, and even worse- not getting that new pair of shoes. Fear not- with the SmartSwipe, you can shop away without wondering exactly where the numbers you type into your computer are ending up.

Most e-commerce websites use encryption to hide your real credit card number, but hackers have become especially apt at retrieving your information. Now you can take responsibility for your own security with the SmartSwipe. The SmartSwipe plugs into your computer using a USB cable and allows your to swipe your credit card instead of typing in the numbers. Rather than having to take out your glasses to read your card number, simply swipe your card into the SmartSwipe and all of your information will automatically be transferred into the computer. It encrypts your credit card data before it even reaches your computer, eliminating any chance a hacker might have at stealing any information. So the next time you go to buy a pair of $400 Jimmy Choos online, think about investing $100 in a SmartSwipe to avoid the headache of possibility having thousands of dollars stolen.


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