Samsung Wave Smartphone Shipped With Virus

wvIf you’ve recently bought a Samsung S8500 Wave smartphone, be very careful when trying to insert the 1 Gb micro  SD card that came with it into your computer. According to reports, this memory card is preloaded with malware that will automatically run the moment you insert it into a Windows computer.

If you already did insert it, the way to tell if your microSD card is infected is to look for aUtoRuN.iNF and slmsrv.exe files on the micro SD card. However, if you haven’t yet inserted it in your Windows PC yet, configure your system to ignore the autorun command, which will stop the virus from unleashing itself on your computer, and then delete it.

But why would a company like Samsung put a virus on its memory cards before sending them out?

Not on purpose, that’s for sure. The way these types of malware programs work, is that once installed on a computer, the malware will immediately infect anything inserted into your computer. That means when Samsung inserted these micro SD cards into their computers during the pre-shipping set-up process, malware was unintentionally uploaded. This is exactly how this type of malware spreads. They don’t call it a virus for nothing.

The lesson here is to scan everything that you plug into your computer for malware, even if it’s just been bought from a reputable vendor.

(Via Sophos)

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