The Next Level Of GPS Tracking

nasas-gps-satellite1As new, upgraded GPS satellites are being launched to replace the old ones currently in space, look out for a change in the way GPS trackers and navigators are used by businesses,  and how accurate they will be.

Unlike the current GPS system that encounters a margin of error of up to 20 feet or more, the new GPS system will be able to accurately pinpoint an object with only a few feet of error. What this means is that rather than taking you within a block of the tracker, the new GPS tracker satellites will be able to take you within steps of the tracker.

“This new system has the potential to deliver capabilities we haven’t seen yet,” said Marco Caceres, senior space analyst for aerospace-research firm Teal Group. “Because GPS touches so many industries, it’s hard to imagine what industry wouldn’t be affected.”

Swapping the GPS satellites should take about a decade to complete, but when it is complete you can expect the way we use and rely on GPS to change drastically and become a bigger part of our everyday life than it is already.

(Via SeattleTimes)

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