Worst Security Week Ever for Lindsay Lohan

lohan-cryingFamed actress Lindsay Lohan went ballistic in a New York deli after leaving her phone there by mistake. Lohan had walked into Mott Corner Deli and after buying a few things, she walked out of the store without realizing that she had left her precious phone behind. Once Lohan realized what she had done, she immediately walked back into the store demanding her cell phone be returned.

One of the deli workers insisted that they review the security tapes in order to verify that she had left the phone. Lohan was infuriated by the fact that the deli owner would not simply return the phone to her. It had gotten to the point that she had to involve the NYPD. According to police records the call was made at around 7:30 pm, but by the time the police had arrived at the scene the issue had already been resolved.


MobileMe Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe features

This was just the start of bad news for the actress this week, as her house was also recently burglurized. However there are lessons to be learned from Lohan’s recent misfortunes. Current iPhone users should be made aware of the MobileMe Find My iPhone service. In the event that someone does lose their phone, iPhone users with a MobileMe account can use GPS to track down their lost phone, and in the worst case scenario use the wipe me feature to wipe the phones memory clean so that their data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Besides the iPhone, other smartphones, also offer similar services and applications which can remotely wipe your data. BrickHouse Security’s Executrac is one such popular service which lets BlackBerry owners track down their phone anywhere in the world.

(via TMZ)

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