Schools Warn that Social Networking May Attract Crime & Party Crashers

874529_height370_width560With social networks like Facebook and Twitter becoming more and more common, many school administrators are worried that a student’s tendency to overshare may attract the unwanted attention of a criminal or predator. Besides the most obvious stories we’ve heard about people oversharing and thus inviting hackers or thieves into their homes or personal information, but now these administraos warn that this could create a stalking situation.

With apps like Foursquare that broadcast your exact location, security expert Norman Bates asserts, “It used to be walking down a darkened street at night and being aware of your surroundings. Now that darkened street is in the computer. You might not be aware of who is listening figuratively or literally and gathering your information, stalking you.”

Especially in student situations where someone may share the location of a party of gathering, it may invite unwanted crashers that will create a problem for school security.

“It presents more of a challenge for campus security or police officers to challenge someone who may be on the property who doesn’t belong there, who may have ill designs,” said Bates.

According to Security On Campus Inc.,80 percent of campus crime is committed by students against other students, in many cases complete strangers.

One Boston University student said, “I’ve seen that some people, especially freshmen, when they move onto campus, they’ve been putting their address and mailbox number on their Facebook profile. I think that definitely could cause a problem.”

This is a somber reminder to all of us to be careful about the information we’re sharing and avoid oversharing at all costs.

(Via The Boston Channel)

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