Traffic Stop Ticket Saves Man’s Life

Most calls to the police about tickets are usually angry rants or complaints of some sort. But in the case of Sgt. Kacey Donnell, when he picked up the phone he didn’t hear a complaint but instead got a sincere thank you for writing out a ticket.

Steven, a man who had never worn a seat belt, was pulled over and issued a $130 ticket for not wearing a seat belt. He was furious. He had been driving for 40 years and had not once wore a seat belt or needed it. But after getting this ticket he decided that it was worth it to wear his seat belt rather than face another $130 fine.

Being accident free during his 40 years of driving, Steven didn’t care much for the seat belt until about 3 weeks later when he got into a serious car accident. He was hit from the side and if it wasn’t for the seat belt he would have been badly injured or killed.

Tremendously grateful to be alive after this accident, Steven called Sgt. Kacey Donnell, the very man that issued him a ticket, and told him what happened. Steven went on to say that he was extremely grateful for the ticket and wanted to tell Sgt. Kacey Donnell that what he does has a direct impact on people and keeping them safe.

(Via News.Yahoo)

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