Mix Tape Used to Lure Thief Back to Scene of the Crime

mix_tapeIn Seattle last week, a man was caught on surveillance camera stealing cash, liquor and food from Loretta’s Northwesterner restaurant. When the store’s manager, Mike Poetzel, arrived at the scene of the crime, he discovered that the thief had left behind a Mix cassette tape labelled “Summer of ’86”.

This gave Mike an idea. “I grabbed the security camera footage and was processing it and I was listening to the tape on my tape deck while I was working on the video,” he said. “So I got to know the songs, so I picked a couple that would fit.” Mike took some of the songs on the mix tape and dubbed it on to the surveillance footage of the man robbing the store, and he then uploaded his creation to YouTube. Mike hopes that someone on YouTube will recognize the thief. “It’s a positive way to deal with a negative situation,” Mike Said.

On the other hand, the store’s regular patrons hope that the nostalgia of the mix tape will be able to lure the thief back to the scene of the crime. “Maybe he’s missing it. Maybe he’ll come back to get it,” said customer Dara Elish.

(Via Komonews)091124_80s_thief

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