Secure Your Facebook Browsing with this One Feature

Facebook is just now releasing a security feature that will make hacking into user’s account(s), or at the very least the act of hijacking a user’s active connection, much harder. If you value your Facebook privacy, we urge you to activate this feature as soon as possible.

We talked about this security vulenrability earlier in a post about Firesheep, a Firefox add-on that lets hackers easily hijack a Facebook’s session and bypass the login page’s security. What we previously discussed was that Facebook uses secure encryption (HTTPS) methods on the login page, but not the rest of the site; meaning a hacker can’t steal your password over a Wi-Fi network, but he can fool Facebook into thinking he is logged in as the main user.

Thanks to this newly added feature (which is still being added, so some users might not have access to it just yet) users can surf Facebook using a secure encryption and not worry about hackers hijacking their sessions.

To utilize this feature, go to your account settings, then account security, and then activate the HTTPS feature. To test if this feature is working properly, you should see “https” in your address bar before Facebook’s URL. If there is a regular “http” without the “s” (for secure) at the end that means a hacker can hijack your open session.

Make sure to check your settings when you get a chance. If the option is there, make sure you secure your Facebook browsing, and if not, make sure to check every couple of days, as the update is being rolled out to users now and should be available for everyone within a few weeks.

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