New Rochelle to Install 20 Cameras for Public Safety

newrochelle-cameraIn New York City’s northern suburb of New Rochelle, the city wants to implement 20 surveillance cameras to help police with criminal investigations and help the public feel more at ease knowing that the cameras are there for their safety.

The cameras will be located on downtown streets, at highway ramps, and close to schools. According to New Rochelle Police Commissioner Anthony Murphy, the cameras will not be used to watch the citizens of New Rochelle and the footage will only be reviewed if a suspicious activity occurs. To further alleviate concerns, the footage will be erased after 35 to 40 days.

To Commissioner Murphy surveillance cameras are a “tremendous investigative tool.”

We’ve written about other towns and cities that have used security cameras to improve safety and assist police. By capturing footage of potential criminals, police have crucial evidence in prosecution available to them, and of course, simply having surveillance cameras helps to deter criminal activity.


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  • 20 more…that will be a great addon to the security ..but the position of them has to be decided….