MTA Driver Hits FIT Student While Texting


FIT Student, Seth Kahn

Authorities are investigating whether or not texting was involved in a fatal accident between MTA bus driver Jeremy Philhower and a student named Seth Kahn.

According to police reports Philhower had been suspended by the MTA and was going to be fired for updating his Facebook status while on duty. However instead of getting fired, an arbitrator ruled that Philhower would have to attend both a drivers safety and customer service training course. On his first day back he got into an accident which killed Seth Kahn. An eyewitness stated that Kahn was sprinting across ninth ave when he was hit by the bus which was making a left turn on West 53rd st.

People who attended Kahn’s funeral were outraged to learn that Phil, however had a previous record of texting while driving. “I can’t believe a bus driver would be updating Facebook when he’s supposed to be giving all his attention to driving. It’s so outrageous,” said friend Jessica Snell, 24. Transit officials checked Philhower’s cell phone, which was in a bag near his seat. The phone hadn’t been used, the source said. Angelo Tanzi, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 726, said Philhower was getting counseling, but was struggling.


MTA driver Jeremy Philhower

Philhower refused to comment but a woman who identified herself as his sister stated “My brother is very distraught right now, our hearts go out to the family. It’s a terrible accident.” Kahn had over 100 people attend his funeral including brothers from Alpha Epsilon Pi,  a Jewish fraternity Kahn had become apart of and helped to start at FIT. Seth Kahn died at the age of 22.

(Via the Daily News)

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    Many drivers regularly send text messages from behind the wheel. Studies indicate that the practice is as dangerous as driving drunk. I don't touch my mobile when driving and use mobile application instead of texting.