Tiger Shark Snaps at Underwater Paparazzi

shark-photographerAn underwater photography group learned the hard way that even sea creatures get annoyed at the paparazzi. After snapping numerous photos of a group of tiger sharks, one of the seven-foot-long predators got annoyed and snatched the camera right out of the shaking hands of a diver and swam away with it.

The group of divers and photographers were out “shark-hunting” and reviewing a new camera when they decided to swim along with a group of six or seven tiger sharks, which are second only to the great whites for attacks on humans.

Considering how much danger the divers were in just by being around the sharks, coming close to them for a picture might not have been the best idea. However, one of the divers decided to go against his better judgment and swam up closer to get a better photo. Apparently the shark got frustrated with its followers, and decided it had enough publicity for the day by snatching the camera right out of the photographer’s hands.

Luckily for the photographer he wasn’t harmed by the shark, and the camera was found with only a few scratches after the shark threw it away. Hopefully the diver learned a valuable lesson about what could happen when he takes too many photos with a big bulky camera. Next time, a hidden camera might prove to be the safer alternative for taking photos of a dangerous predator.

(Via Mirror) / (Photo by Karin Brussaard)

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