Government Official to be Tested by Simulated Cyber Attack

cyber-attackWith all the commotion about how the world is becoming more and more the age of cyber attacks, the Internet is considered the battleground of future wars. With tensions rising from the last big cyber attack on Google being traced to China, government officials are trying to figure out what we would do if faced with a serious attack on our nation’s infrastructure. To find this out, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), a Washington-based non-profit company will host a simulated nation-wide cyber attack for a group of former administration and national security officials, who will be playing the roles of Cabinet members.

The goal of the simulation, called Cyber ShockWave, is to see how officials in key government positions would react to a real-time, nation-wide cyber attack, and to evaluate the split-second decisions they may be required to take to deal with it. The government officials participating in this simulation will not have any advance knowledge of the simulated attacks or what to expect from them, and will be expected to advise the President on what is happening and how to respond to these attacks.

What sparked this simulation is the growing concern of what to do in case of a state-sponsored attack on critical infrastructures and to figure out what should be our default policy for deterring and responding to such attacks.

(Via ComputerWorld)

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