A Small Business Guide to Simple But Effective Security Solutions

Small Business SecurityAs a small business owner, you’re constantly wearing several hats: HR specialist, founder, even custodian, sometimes—just to name a few. Not to add even more responsibility to your plate, but it’s imperative for small business owners to also act as the head of security to ensure that your business is always protected.  

Providing security for your business can be overwhelming when you start to consider the cost of finding the solutions to protect your employees and valuable assets. In an effort to help you utilize your time efficiently, we’ve put together some ideas of simple, effective security solutions that will keep your business safe, without breaking the bank.

Access Control

As a busy small business owner, you likely spend hours at your organization striving to make it the best it can be. Even still, there are going to be hours when you’re away from the shop, focusing on other things. For that reason, you’ll want to implement access control measures to ensure that you know who has access to your building.  Several organizations offer advanced access control resources, but at BrickHouse Security, our focus is to offer the more cost effective “smart lock” solution, allowing you to know exactly who has entered your facility and when they left (in addition to many other customizable features).

Security Systems

It may seem like a no-brainer to equip your office with a security system, but it’s important to consider purchasing a system that not only helps your employees feel safe and deters burglars, but also helps take your business to the next level. Security systems nowadays can do much more than just sound the alarm against vandalism and theft. From a tilt sensor perfect for protecting garage doors on a warehouse or image sensors that can capture quick snapshots when motion is detected, the MORzA system is easy to install and provides everything you need to watch every angle of your business.


One piece of security that is often overlooked is that of employee monitoring. It’s important to know what your employees are up to when you’re not around. There are two approaches to this; one, you can set up covert cameras to monitor key target spots, like a POS system or employee break rooms. Two, you can utilize cloud-based employee monitoring to assist with maximizing productivity and ensure employees are only utilizing approved websites during the workday.

GPS Tracking

GPS trackers, such as the Spark Nano 5.0, can be a cost effective way to keep track of your investments. GPS trackers assist in tracking your shipments in real time so you can monitor them right from a phone, tablet or PC. Most GPS trackers will offer geofencing capabilities, ensuring you receive an instant notification alert when a device leaves a certain perimeter you’ve assigned. For example, if your inventory has been stolen and someone walked out of the store, you can set it up to be notified right away.

At BrickHouse Security, we’re trusted by over 40,000 small businesses because we’re dedicated to helping them find the best security solutions for protecting their business without breaking the bank. Call us today at (800) 654-7966 to speak to a security specialist to determine what products are right for your small business.

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