Israeli Firm Creates Smart DVR Technology

Cameras are everywhere from stores and homes to war zones and unmanned drones. But for all the video footage that’s collected there aren’t enough people to actually sit there and watch it, which inevitably leads to important images being overlooked or missed completely. Well that is all about to change thanks to an Israeli firm that created a new way watch surveillance footage.

Usually cameras are left running and recording everything they see, regardless of how inconsequential. Most of the time it’s only when something happens that people go back to the DVR to review the footage, which is usually done by fast forwarding through hours of action-less video looking for some sort of activity. Needless to say, there are plenty of times when crucial events are missed during the fast-forwarded.

With BriefCam, an Israeli company that develops camera technology, important missed footage might be a thing of the past. The way this technology works, which the firm named Video Synopsis, is that it automatically analyzes surveillance footage and picks out relevant events from countless hours of video, and then plays it all back at once.

But unlike just a bunch of videos being played together, which would probably confuse the viewer, this technology records exactly when an activity occurred, where in the footage it was, and best of all, it lets the user click on a specific person or object in this condensed video and then takes the viewer to the original video of the event.

Meaning, a viewer can go through hours of video in a matter of minutes, seeing all the action at once, and then choosing which events they want to jump to and watch the original footage.

“It’s a pilot so there is still room for improvement, but overall it is a great development in CCTV technology. There are lots of opportunities and possibilities,” said Paul Koot, a consultant for innovation and security in Utrecht, Netherlands, where BriefCam’s technology is used in a Safe City project.

With the implementation of this technology, security companies can become much more efficient, and much more effective in the event of nefarious activity.

(Via Reuters)  / (Image by marcberryreid, licensed under Creative Commons)

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