EyeSight Software Brings Gesture Control to Regular Cameras

With the recent success of Xbox 360’s Kinect controller, which gives gamers control with a wave of a hand, other companies are taking notice. They are also noticing the profits that this technology brings, and are working hard at installing gesture control in other devices like mobile phones and tablet PCs.

Unfortunately, adding gesture control requires additional hardware to be added to the devices, making it much harder to update existing technology to create new ones. But that is all about to change with a company called EyeSight, which has just created a process to effortlessly add this feature to new and existing gadgets.

The company came up with a program that not only lets new devices use their regular cameras for gesture control, but can also be used to create an update for existing  devices that gives them this ability as well. By gesture control we mean that, just like the Kinect system, it lets users control the action with their body. The EyeSight software will let users navigate their tablet PCs or Android smartphones with just a wave of the hand.

For a demo of this software in action click here.

(Via Engadget)  / (Image by hiapad, licensed under Creative Commons)

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