Social Media Helps Track Down Car Vandal

With the widespread use of social media and social networking, everyday people are becoming more and more recognizable. This fact was proven once again recently when a man was recorded smashing a car in a parking garage and was soon identified when his act was posted on Facebook.

Jimmy Minh Do, the owner of the vandalized car, said that when he returned to his car it had a couple of thousand dollars worth of damage—damage he most certainly didn’t want to pay for. He managed to acquire a surveillance video of the vandal, but had no idea who the man was.

But Do figured someone would know the man, especially since his face was clearly visible in the video. So he posted the video on his Facebook page, and moments later he had all the information he needed:

“Immediately, one by one, I was getting text messages and e-mails—like everyone was turning him in at once,” Do said. “There are cameras everywhere, and social media is everywhere now, too.”

Do then put together all of the information that was sent to him by others along with the surveillance video and handed it over to the Denver police department to actually bust the vandal.

Even if you know who stole from you or damaged your property, it is always best to let the police take care of arresting and punishing the criminal. If Do were to take matters into his own hands, he might have been injured by the vandal, or worse yet, be the one to get arrested for confronting the man.

(Via The Detroit Free Press)  / (Image by anarchosyn, licensed under Creative Commons)

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