Sony Online Entertainment Users: Time to Change Your Credit Cards

Adding insult to injury, the hacker community has once again successfully attacked the Sony online gaming service, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). This attack resulted in hackers stealing data from 24.6 million customer accounts, which is part of an ongoing cyber war against Sony that has now compromised more than 100 million accounts total.

This latest attack was launched May 2. Sony reports that while the current American user’s account data is safe, the data from the 2007 database was compromised, and 10,700 bank account numbers have been stolen. As for the non-U.S. accounts, Sony reports that 12,700 accounts have been exposed, and credit card information may have been stolen.

We urge all Sony users to immediately start monitoring their credit card information and to start checking their credit reports for signs of identity fraud. With information such as name, address, email, gender, birth date, phone number, login name, and passwords having been stolen, we recommend that all users take serious action in changing all of their online account information that use that data.

For example, if you use the same e-mail and password on other accounts such as your e-mail, PayPal, or other sensitive web identities, we recommend that you change all those passwords as soon as possible. Also, with credit card information being exposed, users should seek to cancel the exposed credit and debit cards and to place fraud alerts on their accounts.

For more information on how to safeguard your identity after this data breach, visit Sony’s security update page.

(Via IT World & WSJ) / (Image by Ian Muttoo, licensed under Creative Commons)

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  • Bank account numbers!? While all of this will probably leave Sony as a very secure platform because, well, they will have to be after all this trouble… I can’t help but want to shy away from ever using a credit card or entering in personal details through their services again.