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South Africa's ATMs Armed with Pepper Spray Malfunction

atmdogsFearing robbers, people tend to take out money from ATM machines during the day; however, with a new precaution set in place in South Africa, no ATM machine is safe- day or night. These new ATM machines come fully equipped with pepper spray that automatically goes off once a hidden camera detects someone trying to tamper with the machines.

This seemingly fool proof set-up was meant to create a safer environment for people to retrieve their hard earned money to spend on gold, diamonds and other various native South African trinkets. Unfortunately the pepper spray backfired along with their plan.

The first in what authorities say could be a series of potential many malfunctions included two unlucky technicians. In an article found on, it was reported that technicians working on the machines were mistaken for thieves trying to steal money.  With such a sensitive and seemingly inaccurate detection system, you better make sure that you know your PIN number before going to an ATM machine.  It seems as though any suspicious acts might be construed as “tampering” with the machine and the consequences might require hospitalization.

Luckily, there were no other ATM customers waiting to use these mysterious crime stoppers; however, the spray diffused into the shopping center where the machines were located.

Despite their good intentions, because of this malfunction these armed ATM machines have landed themselves on Gizmodo’s “bad idea” list.

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  • ATM

    Sigh, is there no protection for ATM users? There really needs to be a solution

  • ATM

    Sigh, is there no protection for ATM users? There really needs to be a solution

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